Peace. Real peace.

Lasting inner peace is the key to healing, and applying Judy Leighton’s Sunshine Method quickly and easily brings this.

Whether you feel like you’re stuck in a maze with walls that constantly change on you or you feel you’re stuck in traps you cannot extricate yourself from, applying Judy Leighton’s Sunshine Method will help you free yourself to make healthy and wise choices.
Nearly everyone is stuck in mental and emotional traps that keep them from feeling a high degree of self-worth. By applying Judy Leighton’s Sunshine Method, you can feel 100-percent valuable all the time.

he best thing about Judy Leighton’s Sunshine Method is that it really works, even when many other avenues have been tried and turn out to be dead-ends. Real peace is possible.
Judy Leighton has authored three books. Each is an invitation to experience the Sunshine Method.
She has also created two CDs—one for children and one for adults—to help them apply the Sunshine Method.
Read a brief introduction to Judy Leighton’s story and the origins of the Sunshine Method or learn more about Judy Leighton by reading her biography page.
“The beauty of this approach to emotional pain relief
is its simplicity . . .”
— Dr. David A. Baron,
professor, Department of Psychiatry,
Keck School of Medicine, USC, Los Angeles